Zen Training – The Beginning..

Ego or what we refer to as I is a conductor or channel of energy.

Contrary to popular belief, I is not a fixed entity.  It is a sucession of physical and mental events or pressures, which appear momentarily and as quickly pass away.

“As normally there is no cessation of subject activity, there can normally be no state in which were are devoid of ego. It is a matter of banishing the restricted -petty ego- until an ‘egoless ego’ is acquired” – Katsuki Sekida

There is no hatred, jealousy or fear – everything is as is, in it’s true aspect. It is a state where you cling to or adhere to nothing. It is not that you are without desires, but while desiring and adhering to things you are at the same time unattached to them.

Learn to exercise the mind of non attachment while working in attachment..

“Abiding nowhere, let the mind work” -The Diamond Sutra.
” True freedom is freedom from your own desires” – Katsuki Sekida


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