Pure Existence

We all have experienced a state of activity in our consciousness where all ceases – space, time or causation. Whether your jogging, or in court shooting hoops, playing pool or any engaging mind absorbing activity. In this state, the mind is still and there all but silence in the mind. This is pure existence.

In ordinary life, our consciousness works tirelessly to protect and maintain our interests. It has acquired the habit of utilitarian thinking – looking upon things in the world as tools. We look at objects in the light of how they can be made use of. This is called the  habitual way of consciousness. This way of looking at things is the origin of man’s distorted view of himself.. and the world, which makes it impossible to see into our true nature. This way of treating oneself and the world leads to a mechanical way of thinking, which is the cause of suffering of modern man. Unnoticed, it can lead to the development of mental illnesses.

Zen or zazzen teaching aim at overthrowing this distorted view of the world. It is a method that teaches you to be aware of one’s being in its pure form, where one can pro actively experience pure existence. This experience of pure existence of one’s being, associated with with the recovery of pure consciousness, leads us to the recognition of pure existence in the external world too,. This experience is attained by the training of body and mind. Reason comes later and illuminates the experience, thus the two wheels of the cart of cognition are completed.


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